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“Truly, thank you for all your help with our loan!!! Can’t believe we finally made it here, but here we are with many thanks to you and our realtor! When I was comparing you with another lender and our bank, you were the obvious choice with your honest good faith, your knowledge of the financial world/laws, and our past experience when you refinanced our previous home. I have always been very appreciative of you taking the time to talk with me and answering my endless questions until I fully understood them! You have always been great at being on top of deadlines and paperwork too. I have already recommended to you to friends and family, and will continue to do so. Until the next loan…”

Thanks again and good luck with your business.”

-Debbie Jorgensen

“Thank you for everything. You were truly a professional in all aspects. I was lucky to work with a loan company and officer who did everything in a such smooth manner and willing to help from the beginning to end. Next time I purchase or if any friend or family of mine need to purchase a home, I will definitely refer this company. If, by any chance, you move to a different company or something, please let me know!

Again, thank you very much.”


“I originally received an online quote through Zillow and contacted Brian. He was super friendly and helpful in explaining the entire process to me. I then found another lender that offered me a better quote, after I had already started to process my 800k home loan with Brian. Long story short, the other lender was not able to come through with his promises so I came back to Brian and he gladly helped me to quickly close my home sale. This was for a VA loan and nobody else was able to offer me better rates or service. The kicker… from the first time that I contacted Brian until funds were distributed, it took a TOTAL of 3 weeks. Awesome job by him and his team! I would *highly* recommend him and People’s Mortgage!”

-Andre Doles

“We had the opportunity to work with JULIE OBRAY to refinance our house. We tend to get very very confused about interest rates, points, types of loans, etc. We had been so scared to start the refinance process because in the previous year our credit rating had taken a hit and we assumed we would either be denied or have to pay an outrageous interest rate. The best thing I did was pick up the phone and call Julie and hear that sweet and welcoming voice on the phone. From that point on, I never had to call Julie for anything. She was on top of every detail from the moment we decided to go forward. Not once did I ever feel embarrassed or the need to explain my credit score to Julie. That meant so much to me. I know she went the extra mile to get the best rate that she could for us.

After working with JULIE OBRAY on our refinance we really do consider her a great friend. She is such a sweet and loving person that really enjoys helping people with getting them a loan that works perfect for them.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with JULIE OBRAY. I would very very highly recommend you to make that phone call to her and let her do the rest. I dare you not to LOVE her!! :)”

-Becky A, Brigham City

“I can be possibly the hardest customer to deal with.. I earned this money and I want the most for it.

I needed more than a loan, I needed an education and I needed patience while I educated myself about this major purchase.
SHERI NEMELKA, of Peoples Mortgage has been a gem throughout this whole process. She is a true professional that seems to understand the delicate balancing act of knowing how to quickly respond with accurate answers to questions without making one feel pushed or rushed.

When I have forgotten information or get confused she never makes me feel dumb and her engaging manner makes dealing with her very comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for better during this important purchase.

Her knowledge allowed me to explore options I was considering and even presented some I hadn’t. She has a commanding understanding of VA, FHA, and conventional loans. Don’t believe me, just test her knowledge. This helped me make the best decisions possible and I am certain will help protect me from buyers remorse. I will be using and recommending this company and this loan officer again…”

-DJ, Riverton

“Robby Murphy was extremely helpful in getting me and my husband a home loan. He was always available to answer all our questions. We had a lot of questions because we are the first time home buyers. Robby explained every detail about how purchasing a home works. Peoples Mortgage gave us this wonderful opportunity to buy a nice home when no one else would. Robby Murphy was very quick to respond to any questions that we had. He was very helpful for us. I would recommend Robby as the most reliable person who can provide excellent customer service with the best quality you can ever find. It was a great pleasure to work with Robby Murphy to get the loan. We also were very happy that we got such a great interest rate on this home! We completed the purchase in 20+ days. It was so quick! It is such a great feeling to become a homeowner. It was our dream to buy a house and Robby Murphy from Peoples Mortgage made it real. There are only five stars in the review for Peoples Mortgage. I would give Robby 1000 stars. He is the best agent you could ever have to help you get a loan and not to have any frustration as I thought that we would have. Peoples Mortgage is the best company for getting a loan for a new home, especially with Robby Murphy. Robby is a true specialist in his profession.”

-John I.