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Preparing for Success

Apr 30, 2011

Preparation is the key ingredient to a successful residential purchase closing. The true value of a loan officer begins during the preapproval process. Peoples Mortgage Loan Officers represent you and part of that is to see your deal from the eyes of an Underwriter in order to guarantee your loan will close. A principle we believe firmly is that whether working on a loan or anything in life, success occurs when you prepare and prove. This requires building your file before you look for homes. It also requires that the loan officer work with you and your team of real estate professionals to make sure you and the property you choose to buy are qualified for a home loan. How does this benefit you? Many homes were sold during the housing boom and were not scrutinized properly. Now home owners are stuck paying for the repairs or worse, losing their home because they cannot afford the payments or sell the home. To ensure our borrowers buy a home that they are proud to own, that they love and that becomes a great financial investment, we like to do a lot of homework on the property. Below is a diagram that illustrates our view of the process, your purchase team and how we fit within the scheme of it all.