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Meet the Team

Whether you are buying now, wondering if you can qualify or just need some advice, we are always available to answer your questions. Let us be your portal to all your residential real estate needs. Please feel free to call or email at anytime. Each transaction creates unique situations that need to be addressed and new problems solved. Because we have the great fortune of working with many great borrowers like yourself and many Real Estate professionals on an ongoing basis, we can pass each our experiences on to you so you can make the most educated decision during the home purchasing process. From initial discussions and pre-approvals, to future refinances or moves, let us be part of the process to really give you all the information and value you deserve.

Be sure to read our post on Choosing the Right Team.

  • Jason Reid

    Principle Lending Manager
    Direct. (801) 290-6355
    Email Jason
    NMLS: 194548

  • BJ Dutson

    Principle Lending Manager
    Direct. (801) 891-3887
    Email BJ
    NMLS: 150042

  • Brian DuCommun

    Director of VA Financing
    Direct. (801) 290-6355
    Email Brian
    NMLS: 140523

  • Devin Jones

    Mortgage Specialist
    Direct. (801) 529-2655
    Email Devin
    NMLS: 296552

  • Sheri Nemelka

    Senior Loan Officer
    Cell: (801) 918-8506
    Email Sheri
    NMLS: 76415

  • Robby Murphy

    Home Mortgage Specialist
    Direct: (801) 915-9939
    Email Robby
    NMLS: 239627

  • Jen Dutson

    Loan Officer
    Direct: (801) 290-6355
    Cell: (801) 891-3562
    Email Jen

  • W. Scott Wiley

    Senior Loan Officer
    Direct: (801) 688-5714
    Email Scott
    NMLS: 308545

  • Ron Jones

    Mortgage Loan Specialist
    Direct: (801) 403-3971
    Email Ron
    NMLS: 305994

  • Maria Alberco

    Office Manager
    Direct: (801) 290-6355

  • John Fricke

    Mortgage Specialist
    Direct: (801) 921-5378
    NMLS: 213589

  • Cameron Mickelson

    Mortgage Specialist
    Direct: (801) 903-1058
    NMLS: 445924
    UT: 8345607-NMLO
    CA: CA-DOC 445924

  • Tom Turner

    Associate Lending Manager
    Direct: (801) 476-0890
    NMLS: 268856

  • SannDee Stowell

    Loan Originator
    Direct: (801) 476-0890
    NMLS: 445924

  • Ryan Frandsen

    Loan Officer
    Direct: (801) 386-5060
    NMLS: 881509
    CA: CA-DOC 881509

  • Karl Smith

    Senior Mortgage Specialist
    Direct: (801) 790-4188
    NMLS: 5005
    UT: 5507893

  • Kimberly Hagy

    Mortgage Specialist
    Direct: (801) 790-0895
    NMLS: 108796
    UT: 5498014

  • Patrick Isom

    Loan Officer
    Direct: (801) 921-5377
    NMLS: 296220

  • Craig Perry

    Mortgage Specialist
    Direct: (801) 685-1446
    NMLS: 392465

  • Connor Davis

    Marketing Manager
    Direct: (801) 290-6355

Our Commitment to Service

We start our service with you with the following three promises:

  • Promise #1 – We will return your calls or emails within 2 business hours so you are always in control of what is happening.
  • Promise #2 – We will call you at least every three days during the loan process to keep you informed.
  • Promise #3 – We will end every call or voicemail with a clear statement of what I will do next and what you will need to do next to keep things moving along.

We believe that by sticking with these promises, you and everyone on your purchase team will feel in total control. In order to get this transaction complete while keeping all other elements in your life balance, we believe that our communication with you is paramount to delivering unwavering service.

To be able to really deliver on our promises, a purchase based lender must have a wildly talented team of professionals that have the knowledge, resources and money to properly structure and close your transaction. Peoples Mortgage is a direct lender, which means we use our own money to fund your loans. This gives you and your loan officer control. When you work with a Peoples Mortgage loan officer, you are working with someone that has direct access to the people that have final say on your loan. They can communicate with the underwriter, the operations manager and if need be, the owner of the company to make sure your deal can be closed well before you even turn in a contract. Why not have your file previewed at no cost to you by the people that have final say? When you get a preapproval with Peoples Mortgage, it means way more than the piece of paper on which it is printed. How comforting would it be to know that your loan has been thoroughly examined well before you look at one home? This leaves the property has the looming variable.