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Hobby Ranch Loans

Hobby Ranch Loans

This product is for a home that sits on 5+ Acres and cannot be financed through traditional financing. The property and the owner need to be hobby ranch by nature. It is very easy for us to define this for you. Like all niche products, this one is best discussed with a Professional loan officer, so please feel free to call or email at your convenience to see if you and your property will qualify for this product.

Features & Benefits

  • Property is considered to be a hobby farm in nature
  • 5 to 165 Acres
  • Loans up to $3,000,000
  • 20% Down Payment or Value in the property
  • Home value should be 30% or more of the overall value (exceptions considered)
  • Loan amount not to exceed $5,000,000 (higher loans considered with special pricing)
  • Properties with moderate outbuildings and larger acreages (greater than 100 acres) may be considered
  • We have 30 year fixed loans. We also have a unique term with this product which is the 7/23
  • Two Step: This product is fixed for seven years, adjusts once, with a maximum one-time adjustment of 9 percent and is fixed for the remaining 23 years
  • Please run your scenario with one of our qualified loan officers to see if you qualify for a purchase or refinance with your unique situation