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5 Reasons Why to Work With a Realtor

Jun 30, 2011

An Outstanding Realtor working with an outstanding lender is a force that will insure your property is purchased with the right deal, the right loan, on time, at the right time! Here are our top five reasons for working with a realtor on your deal.

  • They don’t cost you a dime. Using a REALTOR to represent you during a transaction not cost you anything. The seller of the home you are looking to buy is paying the commission for both the listing agent and for your agent. Don’t you want someone representing your best interest during one of the biggest transactions of your life?
  • Market information. All of us can log into Zillow, Redfin and a myriad of other sites offering information on properties in every neighborhood in the country. The right REALTOR will have inside information on their market, including upcoming properties, why certain properties have not sold and what properties to avoid.
  • Contract Negotiation and Validation. Do you have the right contract and all necessary items within your contract to provide you total protection when the deal is complete? Is the contract you are using reviewed by an attorney on a regular basis? Will you question anything in the contract when the deal is done and you are moved into your home? Did you maximize your purchase? Did you get everything out of the property and protected on your behalf? Would someone that is doing that multiple times a month have some insight on items to cover in your negotiation beyond the price? These are all questions we feel are covered and answered when using a professional REALTOR.
  • Insulate yourself from the strong, wide range of emotions commonly displayed by sellers during a home purchase transaction. A home is a very emotional purchase. After living in the home for years, most people grow additional emotional feelings toward the property. Add to this any price discrepancies between you and the seller and the stress inherit in moving, there is a strong likely hood for emotionally charged discussions. It is always great to have a professional third party between all those communicating to buffer any unnecessary emotions and to alleviate stressful conversations.
  • Constant pressure on the seller to deliver on promises in the contract. A professional REALTOR works full time and therefore can focus their attention on consistently making sure they are working closely with an outstanding lender to keep your deal moving forward every day up and until closing.